At Model Schools, we understand that a well-rounded education goes beyond the classroom. That's why we offer a wide range of amenities to enrich your child's educational journey and foster their overall development.

Language Lab

Our state-of-the-art Language Lab is designed to enhance linguistic skills, communication abilities, and cultural awareness. Equipped with the latest technology, students have the opportunity to engage in interactive language learning, practice pronunciation, and explore the nuances of various languages. This facility enables them to become confident global citizens with strong language skills.


A treasure trove of knowledge awaits in our meticulously curated library. Whether your child is an avid reader or a research enthusiast, our library provides access to an extensive collection of books, magazines, and digital resources. It's not just a place to study; it's a sanctuary for intellectual exploration and imagination.


Physical fitness and outdoor activities are integral to a child's growth. Our sprawling playgrounds offer the perfect space for students to engage in sports, recreation, and exercise. From friendly football matches to yoga sessions in the open air, our grounds promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Cultural and Arts Facilities

Embracing Indian heritage and creativity, our cultural and arts facilities provide a platform for students to express themselves through music, dance, and visual arts. With dedicated teachers and well-equipped spaces, students can hone their artistic talents and participate in cultural events that celebrate diversity.

Sports Facilities

We believe that sports build character, teamwork, and discipline. Our sports facilities cater to a wide range of activities, from cricket and basketball to athletics and martial arts. Coaches with expertise in various sports guide and mentor our students, helping them develop both physical prowess and sportsmanship.

At Model Schools, these amenities are not just add-ons; they are an integral part of our commitment to holistic education. We provide an environment where students can excel academically, grow emotionally, and flourish physically, preparing them for a brighter future.

Explore our amenities and experience education at its finest!